September 14th, 2010

#208 Playable Girl in Campaign (J’aime Bungie)

Okay I’m only two hours into the Halo: Reach campaign, but I am so thrilled that I can play campaign as a pink female Spartan that I had to take out my dollies, action figures (and put together the statue in the Legendary pack) to make this post. Because words alone cannot express how happy I am and how much my enthusiasm for the Halo franchise has been renewed. I love you, Bungie!


Back to shooting with my beloved pistol! WOO HOO!

PS: With apologies to Homestarrunner. Tee hee!

2 Responses to “#208 Playable Girl in Campaign (J’aime Bungie)

  1. ~AnonomissX~ Says:


    The first thing I did, after creating my female spartan (finally!) was to load up Forge World, turn around, bend over and ask my teammate “Does this armor make my butt look big?”

    He LOL’ed!

  2. raptor Says:

    Isn’t that Kat?

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