October 9th, 2010

#211 Always a Bridesmaid (“Le monstre est à venir)

I’ve been sick as a dog this last week (well, as sick as a dog who has internet access), and that meant I had a fair amount of free time being bed-ridden and playing with my photoshop program and photos of my long-suffering sisters and friends. I meant to have this be comic number 213, but I just couldn’t resist showing off the product of my fevered brain.

Here’s a closer look at their bridal magazine:
Spartan Bride Magazine Cover

and here are the inside pages:
Spartan Bride Magazine Inside Pages


3 Responses to “#211 Always a Bridesmaid (“Le monstre est à venir)

  1. sleepingdragon80 Says:

    I just fell in love with the little magazine, and am really interested in reading the articles! Dont judge me – its 4 in the morning! great work! keep it up!!!!

  2. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Elena, the first frame is priceless!

  3. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    And from that shot of Guilty 343 photography, I was reminded of my reply to your pirate day episode:

    I almost feel like you took my small “advise” LOL

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