February 8th, 2011

#213 Blink (Mais non! Ne pas clignez vos yeux!)

Who’s that fellow
buried in the snow?
Don’t you know?

5 Responses to “#213 Blink (Mais non! Ne pas clignez vos yeux!)

  1. Harry Says:

    i was just wondering…. because of the snow…. what state are you in? I’ve always thought you were in Texas

  2. Elnea Says:

    Halo Action Figure Theater hails from beautiful Chicago, Illinois, home of the deep dish pizza, the Chicago Bears, the artist previously known as the Sears Tower and a big shiny bean!

  3. sleepingdragon80 Says:

    beautiful. Love the Dr. Who thing going on here, and Tom Servo is a brilliant touch.

  4. Jefferson Says:

    Does anybody else notice the angel moves?

  5. BATMAN Says:


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