February 19th, 2011

#214 Afterglow (Il aime sa petite culotte rose)

I don’t think 360 controllers are really made for Elite hands…

5 Responses to “#214 Afterglow (Il aime sa petite culotte rose)

  1. Glasses Guy Says:

    Where the heck do you get all of those little xbox’s and controllers?!

  2. Elnea Says:

    I made them!

  3. ~AnonomissX~ Says:

    Barbie and Chuck Norris got romantic to the Beatles ?!?

    gotta love all your fine details…are those iPhone cases for their game monitors?

  4. raptor Says:

    How did you make these things?!

  5. Elnea Says:

    Those monitors ARE the boxes from my old iPhone. And I make the props using FIMO clay and/or miniature printouts on cardstock.

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