June 17th, 2013

#220 And Don’t Forget The Pickles (Je ne suis pas grosse, je suis enceinte!)

When I was pregnant with my now-teenaged son, I had uncontrollable cravings for Baskin Robbins Banana Royale sundaes and German Red Cabbage.  It’s not an interesting fact, but it is relevant.  In other news, Tom Servo.

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5 Responses to “#220 And Don’t Forget The Pickles (Je ne suis pas grosse, je suis enceinte!)

  1. Jim Says:

    Ack, no! Admiral Norris has a weakness!

  2. Elnea Says:

    The Colonel is the Admiral’s Achilles’ heel… also, do not underestimate the power of an angry pregnant woman.

  3. AnonomissX Says:

    Elena…are you out there, somewhere….everything ok?

  4. Elnea Says:

    I am out here… floating in the void. I’m glad to hear from you. THe last 80 comments on this blog have been spam, it feels good to see a familiar name! I feel terrible about HAFT, but I’ve felt so out of touch with the Halo universe these days. I just got Halo 5 and have started playing the campaign; I hope it encourages me to get back on the wagon!

    You can find me these days mostly doing things for my part time job teaching nursing students at my TaiChiKnees YouTube Channel, or my professional site Not quite as fun as playing with my Halo toys, but useful to society? Thank you again for saying hello! Linnea AKA Elnea

  5. Sybe feitsma Says:

    Hello i was wondering if your still making comics because there really good and the last on 220 is not really an end so………….. are you ?

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