Christmas Tree 2013 Ideas

December 20th, 2013

Just spent your $20 gift card at Target for a new Christmas tree but can’t afford to buy new decorations? Too lazy to find your old decorations in the garage/attic/basement/neighbor’s house? Then why not decorate your tree with Halo action figures? Nothing says “Holiday Spirit” like tiny graven images representing the dead heroes of Reach or the insane heroes of HAFT. And any Cortana you have lying around belongs on the top of the tree.
Cortana Christmas Tree photo 2013TreeXmas-35021_zpsb61d7987.jpg
Because shut up. Merry Christmas!

2013 Christmas Tree Decorated with HAFT

PS: For those of you of mixed Judeo-Christian extraction such as myself, don’t forget to check out “HAFT Half-Jewish Christmas”, a holiday favorite. Well, at least amongst my action figures…

2 Responses to “Christmas Tree 2013 Ideas”

  1. Ayesha Kamal Says:

    Awesom christmas tree with different action figure.looks nice

  2. Ayesha Kamal Says:

    Marry Christmas

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