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When the HAFT guys line up at GameStop… and WoW Ganking

News: September 21st, 2007

TTL Gamer Gal Hawty McBloggy has been having these pre-launch Halo Activities over the last week and today’s was “Do a single panel comic using Halo Action Figures”. So, I mean, that was like cheese to a rat, that rat being me. I WANTED to resist, but I couldn’t. Who said you can’t have fun […]

Something for the rest of you

News: September 23rd, 2007

With all this hype about Halo3, it seems to me that for anyone who doesn’t own a XBox360 yet, or won’t be getting Halo3 immediately, the entire advertising campaign must be a bit like this: (Awww… the cutest little 360 & controllers EVER! I found this air-dry ceramic modelling clay and I couldn’t control myself! […]

Chuck Norris wields the BR

News: September 28th, 2007

I got one of those little scale replica Halo battle rifles, and I realize it is about the right size for Chuck Norris. Here’s the Admiral rescuing his best girl whilst wielding a battle rifle. Just when you thought Chuck couldn’t get any cooler…

Sparky the Interloper

News: October 23rd, 2007

Blargh. I was originally going to have Episode #100 be the big eppy for HAFT, but I realize if I jam everything into the next two eps it will be too rushed… and it will be FOREVER before I get it out. So there might be an episode 99 1/2… and 99 3/4… we’ll see…. […]

Mazha the Cat (1991-2007)

News: October 29th, 2007

Mazha: feline RedVsBlue Sponsor and Featured User, dedicated Halo Toy aficionado and cameo star on HAFT, passed away peacefully today at home, surrounded by her human family and her cat friend Sparky. She lived a long time, had a good life, and ate a lot of sushi. We’ll miss her.

HAFT gets its own home!

News: December 12th, 2007

Okay, so it HAD a home. But it was a trailer – and not even a double-wide. And one of the blocks it was up on was crumbling. And the awning outside the kitchen window had been hanging since that last big storm.

Merry Christmas – OboeCrazy Action Figure

News: December 25th, 2007

AsI am sort of into Halo Action Figures, and my good friend Lauren aka “OboeCrazy” is a Halo enthusiast (and a FAR better player than I), it seemed only natural that I would make and give her her own custom action figure and controller. So I did. Merry Christmas!

Halo 3 Action Figures: The Good, the Bad and the Codpieces

News: March 1st, 2008

Well, look who turned up on my front doorstep yesterday… LARGER VIEW Yes, it is McFarlane’s long awaited Halo 3 figures. First off, let me applaud the Halo 3 packaging people. The packages are pretty, compact, easy to stack, and you can get the figures out of the package in a matter of about 90 […]

Plot synopses update: “Meanwhile, back at the ranch…”

News: March 17th, 2008

The plot line of Halo Action Figure Theater is starting to speed up as all the events begin to converge. This means more exposition, which means more reading, and let’s face it, none of us read webcomics to read webcomics. It’s to see the pretty pictures… like… of Cortana’s bright blue derrière (“derrière”, of course, […]

You would even say it glows

News: December 21st, 2009

Here’s another motivational poster for up-and-coming Artificial Intelligence units who insist on dressing like strippers: link to full-size image