Plot Synopsis 4: Issues #102-133

Synopsis #102-133 (Dec 14, 2007 to March 3, 2007)

Claude-212 orders Brad to fly after Black’s ship to track the Colonel. Meanwhile, 212, Tony and Jason trudge onto the surface of Charon to retrieve Steve’s body, which is remarkably intact, except his head has been cleanly severed off. They return to Charon Station to find Six has found a ship and enough supplies to get them off Charon. She has also discovered MIB plans outlining their plot to attack the Omega Summit being held in the Cygnet (Swan) Nebula. She’s also discovered that the BNL-LS armor upgrades they all have allow the MIB to control the zombified super-soldiers, and that every casualty they take will become and instant enemy troop. There are clues leading to a BNL development lab on Callisto. Meanwhile Lois is grieving over Steve in another room and somehow manages to revive him but… with his head on backwards. The team decides to go to Callisto to look for clues.

Meanwhlie, Brad tracks the MIB ship holding the Colonel back to a large flotilla of MIB ships, which he interprets to mean they are gathering for a conflict. He manages to sneak aboard a large prison ship and free the Colonel from her prison cell, but not before he witnesses Black gloating to the Colonel that he has developed a gun powerful enough to kill even Admiral Norris. Black orders the Colonel to be put into cryo storage but Brad saves her. Unfortunately she is too drugged and weak to be of much assistance in her own escape, so Brad decides to pick her up and just run for his ship.

Meanwhile, the Omega Summit is in full swing and we see that tempers are running high. It appears that the Admiral is working as a civilian representative in the summit, as he is out of uniform. Still, the other ambassadors seem somewhat intimidated by him.

The Admiral’s aide, David-411, brings him a message from Black which contains the Colonel’s amputated finger and dogtag. The Admiral tells 411 to call in “the Gunslingers”. The Admiral then meets with Michael Black who shows him a large collection of photographs of the Colonel’s torments while under his care. He also shows him the ultrasound of the baby she is carrying, undoubtably the Admiral’s child. He threatens to expose the Colonel and Admiral’s illicit affair. Black explains he wants the Admiral to vote against Eldrad in the Summit. If not, Black plans to turn the Summit into a massacre. After Black leaves we discover the Colonel is secretly the Admiral’s wife.

Meanwhile, back with 212, Lois, Steve et al., we see Jason has discovered a small repulsive creature that has been following him around since Rhonda’s death. It keeps repeating the word “Wuv”. He guesses it is a portion of Rhonda and decides to keep it as a pet and names it Wuvvy. Lois, stumbling around blindly, accidently turns on the power of a small tripod onboard the ship which causes John-617 to become instantly berserk. John leaps on Steve and tries to eat his head. (The tripod is evidently a “Zombotron 9000” which is what the MIB use to control the zombies. Unfortunately these zombotron tripods are all over the Omega Summit satellite.) Once the tripod is turned off, the team locks John in heavy chains and puts him into a cryo pod for safekeeping, although the cryogenic process doesn’t put him to sleep. Wuvvy slithers inside the pod and attacks John’s face. Six visits John and mistakenly thinks she hears him yell, “Brains”. She runs away, lamenting that she can’t bear to see him die slowly.

The team arrives at Callisto and Lois shrieks, “We must save them! We must kill them! We go to Valhalla!” and she points their ship towards two power sources in the dead center of the Valhalla impact crater on Callisto, one of which is the MIB base they were looking for. Six to investigates the lightly populated (and easily conquered) MIB base and finds the information she needs to disable the zombotrons at the Omega summit.

Meanwhile, 212, Tony and Jason investigate the other power source, which turns out to be an enormous Spartan Helmet on the moon’s surface. Jason gets close to the helmet and is transported away. John and Wuvvy have also been transported away from the cryogenic pod, although Steve and Lois didn’t notice as they were evidently doing something naughty at the time.

John, still in his chains, Wuvvy, still attacking John, and Jason all find themselves in a strange hall filled with images of Spartans wearing green armor. They are joined by a female beautiful luminous blue energy being (or A.I.) who claims to be the person they need to see.

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