Plot Synopsis 2: Issues #38-73

Higgins, gloating over his imminent victory, suddenly chokes and his neck snaps. He has been killed by a camouflaged Six, whose Mark V armor was not affected by the 20-sided die. But she is too late to stop the firing sequence of the weaponship. In order to save the Earth, the teams rig the Schadenfreude to self-destruct and take refuge in an armored ship’s pod to await their doom. Betty confesses her love for Cent Cinq, and John and Six rekindle their relationship.

Meanwhile Jill’s attack on the Admiral using Weapon L is thwarted by the arrival of Col. O’Hara (Steve’s mom), who is also a (very large) Spartan. She is able to calm Weapon L, although he is left with a speech impediment. Admiral Norris is able to roundhouse kick Jill off of the Aletheia so forcefully that her body destroys the three weapons platforms, saving the colonies and Earth. The Schadenfreude explodes, but Jill’s body hits the ship’s pod moments before the explosion and knocks it to safety in the nick of time.

With Jill wedged onto its surface, the pod is propelled out of the solar system. Norris, Steve and Col. O’Hara fly in a prowler to rescue the team, where Steve is devastated to discover Lois has been killed by Higgins. He tears her free of her casket using the incredible strength his Weapon L transformation affords him.

Steve remains on the pod with John and Six while the Colonel shuttles everyone else back to the Aletheia. John and Six try to free Jason’s body from his casket, but just can’t manage to get all of the wires off of him, because, seriously, those action figures come tied down with way too many wires. You have to use wire cutters to get at your toys. What if a person has arthritis or something? Half the time you break the guns just trying to yank them out of the plastic, and…

…but I digress. Col. O’Hara flies back and rescues John, Six and Steve, who is carrying Lois’s body, from the disintegrating pod.

Meanwhile, we see that Lois and Jason were not dead, but have been on an astral plane communicating with a mysterious man who tells them they have to return to life and that they have to “remember Valhalla”. Lois wakens in Steve’s arms but doesn’t recognize him in his transformed state. She tells the crew that Jason is still alive and mumbles the word “Valhalla”.

John and Steve do a space walk to retrieve Jason in his partially opened casket but are confronted by Jill. Enraged, she shoots John in the chest, causing him to violently decompress. Steve kills her in self-defense. (Or does he?) Steve brings Jason back to the Colonel’s ship and she orders him to assist John and Six, who have both drifted far away from the prowler’s hatch. The Colonel revives Jason, murmurs, “code word Valhalla” and then drugs him and Lois. She abandons the others and flies away, but not without contacting Norris and mentioning “Project Valhalla”. John and Six argue.

The Admiral retrieves Six, Steve and John. John has somehow survived the chest wound, which in the vacuum of space should have been fatal. The Admiral refuses to bring John additional medical aid and restricts all of them to Col. O’Hara’s quarters on the pretense of a mysterious “virus”. Six finds a file labeled “Valhalla” in the Colonel’s quarters that reveals Project Valhalla is intended to resurrect dead super-soldiers. Steve fears that their armor, modified with the mysterious BNL-LS upgrade, will turn them all into zombies. John begins to act strangely.

Meanwhile, Jason and Lois awaken in a freezing black ops prison run by the sadistic “Men in Black”. Lois is blind and is becoming confused. She has a vision that she will become an oracle for Jason and predicts he will become very powerful. Jason is tortured, supposedly because he is “the key” to Project Valhalla, since he was “dead” for six months inside Higgins’s casket. Jason discovers two of his colleagues, thought to be KIA, have become mutated zombies. The Colonel questions her own decision to bring Jason and Lois to the prison and decides to rescue them. She fails and is caught by the Men in Black, who appear to have ulterior motives for detaining and torturing her, having to do with the Admiral, or possibly baking.

Back on the Aletheia, Six and Steve are getting cabin fever. The Admiral arrives, bringing them a large footlocker and announcing a mission. We then see that John-617 has secret urges that involve killing Six and eating her brains. The Season Two Cliffhanger: Lois, Jason and the Colonel are imprisoned and tortured by The Men in Black, who seem poised to threaten the Admiral. Six and Steve under house arrest. John-617 is a zombie. And whatever happened to Dix?

*end Season Two*