Plot Synopsis 3: Issues #74-101

Synopsis Issues #74-101 (September 16, 2007 to December 12, 2007)

The Colonel sent a coded message to the Admiral reporting her capture by the MIB and directing him to look for herself, Jason and Lois at Charon Station or Callisto. She also mentions a “Swan” which the Admiral says means something about a summit. The Admiral decides to send Steve, John and Six on a rescue op. He also temporarily disables John’s armor power as he recognizes John’s zombie urge to eat brains extend toward Six. John begs Six to kill him to end his guilty urges but she refuses. (As the team walk through the hall they pass Betty and Cent Cinq, who are planning their wedding. Still no sign of Dix.) The team eventually joins up with Claude, Tony and Brad and the six of them leave on their mission to Charon Station. The Admiral goes back to his office to worry and we learn that the Colonel is pregnant with his child.

Meanwhile, in their prison cell, Lois (still blind) is making odd predictions including, “The cheerleader must die so all may be restored.” The MIB have focused their attention on torturing and photographing the Colonel. Michael Black explains to her that he wants revenge against someone called Eldrad, the head of the Zenetan pirates, because he blames them for the death of his wife and twin children. He says Eldrad will be at the Omega Summit and Black has a plan to disrupt it violently. He then makes the Colonel dress up like a cheerleader and tortures her with Hello Kitty paraphernalia. As she is being escorted back to her cell, she calls out to Jason to sing “O Canada”. He does so (as this is the psychologic trigger to reverse the MIB hypnotic mind control they’ve been subjected to) and finds his and Lois’s strength returning, so much so that they make love, which they quickly regret. Rhonda, in her bizarre bloated zombie form, witnesses their coupling. Lois’s vision does not return.

The Colonel is thrown into the cell with Jason and Lois and she orders them not to let her be taken off the station alive, because she is to be used against the Admiral, which would mean galactic war. Jason notices the Colonel’s hand is injured.

Meanwhile, Claude-212, Six and the team close in on Charon Station. Steve and John argue, as Steve fears John’s zombie-ism will endanger the rescue operation of Steve’s mother (the Colonel) and betrothed (Lois). The team makes it onto Charon station, and Steve leads them to the prisoners. There is a battle during which John-617 attacks an MIB minion named Joe Davis and eats his brains. In the confusion, the drugged Colonel is taken away by MIB but the team does recover Jason and Lois.

Six agrees to babysit John and Lois (still making strange predictions like “she will break the king of swords” and “they lead us unto the hammer”) while the rest of the team goes after the Colonel. They can hear her screams but are cut off by a large contingent of MIB and zombies, led by the hideously deformed Rhonda. She tells Jason she loves him despite his indiscretion with Lois (which alerts Steve to the incident) and then blows herself up, killing all of the MIB forces. Steve sprints ahead after his mother.

Michael Black drags the Colonel onto a getaway ship and it lifts off, but not fast enough for Steve, who leaps onboard. Back in the ships’ hangar, Jason tells 212 about the Colonel’s orders to not let her leave the station alive. With great regret, 212 fires his rocket launcher at the departing ship. While making a desperate plea to her son to save himself, we see that the Colonel is missing her right smallest finger. Steve makes the decision to save his mother and leaps off the ship into the path of the oncoming rocket, allowing Black and the MIB to fly away with her as their prisoner. Micheal Black gloats over the Colonel about Steve’s death and reveals he knows of her pregnancy and that she will bear the Admiral’s child.