Plot Synopsis 1: Issues #1-37

Series One (Issues #1-37) The Road to Ontario
Lois and Steve are in love, but Lois notices Steve isn’t human. They argue. Before they can reconcile, Lois is kidnapped by Higgins and sent to Toronto, as bait for her team. Meanwhile, Steve’s mother returns from the dead, and appears to know Admiral Norris very intimately. Steve, John and Team MP-5 follow Lois’s trail to Toronto, but are deceived into believing she is dead. Heartbroken, Steve returns to MP-5 headquarters to report.

Lois escapes Toronto and near Vancouver encounters the MP-5’s Old Earth counterparts, team NC-A. They discover that a force field is building up over the surface of the Earth that has disabled Earth communications and most travel. The pattern of the attacks leads to an energy source in the suspiciously named Sparta, Wisconsin.

Meanwhile, the twins return to GOMER headquarters, and Higgins sends a clone of Lois named Jill to intercept Steve AKA Weapon L. Meanwhile, the Admiral’s ship Aletheia moves into high orbit over Old Earth and Steve rejoins MP-5.

As Team MP-5 moves by foot across the North American mid-Continent Jill drops in a helljumper, and, masquerading as Lois, convinces Steve that Admiral Norris is actually working for GOMER. She has a ship that can get through Higgins’s blockade and Steve agrees to take her to the Admiral.

NC-A joins with MP-5 but Sparta was (of course) a trap set by GOMER. They are all transported to Higgins’s orbiting weaponship, the Schadenfreude. They find Tony, previously MIA, who was forced to build the weaponship but has rigged a self-destruct the team can use provided they get control of the weaponship. Six discovers that Higgins has killed her brother Jason by entrapping him in some sort of plastic casket, and vows revenge. Higgins imprisons Lois in a similar casket, and then paralyzes the Spartans with a device that looks suspiciously like a large 20-sided die.

Meanwhile, Steve and Jill arrive at Grand Admiral Norris’s flagship, Aletheia. Higgins calls the Admiral via vidphone so he can order Jill to activate Steve, transforming him into the mindless killing machine “Weapon L”, presumably the only creature with sufficient strength to destroy Norris. Higgins charges up his weapons orbiting Old Earth, Io and Europa, and orders his minions to execute all of the captured heroes.

The Cliffhanger: Earth, Io, Europa all about to be destroyed, Weapon L to kill Norris, Spartans to be executed.

*end Series One*